The Way of the Cross

Through the eyes of Jesus and those He met on the way

Text by Brother E. B. Wakeham, CFC

Poetry by Brother E.B. Wakeham, CFC, and images by Brother Kenneth Chapman, CFC, invite Lenten reflection.

Here below follow their fourteen stations on the way to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
© Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation, LTD

First Station: Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus looked at Pilate, and Pilate looked at Jesus. Three times, Pilate would declare the innocence of Jesus, but because the eyes of the Pharisees and Sadducees were on him, he sent Jesus to be crucified.

Second Station: The Cross is placed on Jesus’ shoulders

Jesus must have made eye-contact with the Roman soldiers who placed the Cross on His blistered and bleeding back. What were they thinking, what di they feel as they gazed into His eyes?

Third Station: Jesus falls the first time

Whoever helped Jesus to his feet must have looked into His eyes and felt his gratitude. Jesus is always grateful to those who see him in others who have fallen and help them to rise.

Fourth Station: Jesus meets His Blessed Mother

How much love can be contained in a look? Try to imagine the love Jesus had for His Mother and she for Him. Now their eyes meet. You feel their pain but both find peace in their “Yes to the Father.

Fifth Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the Cross

Simon must have glared at the soldier who ordered him to carry the Cross of Jesus. But when he looked into the eyes of Jesus, he must have been filled with compassion and willingly shouldered the Cross.

Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus

Her heart pounding, her face flushed, a woman pushed others aside until she reached Jesus and, with her veil, wiped the sweat and blood from His Sacred Face. The image was left on her veil, but when she looked into His eyes, His image found a permanent place in her heart.

Seventh Station: Jesus falls the second time

You are there.
You rush to help Jesus rise.
Read His gratitude in His eyes.

Eighth Station: Jesus comforts the women

The eyes of the friends of Jesus were filled with tears. Jesus speaks to them and gives them comfort. His eyes are bloodshot.

Ninth Station: Jesus falls a third time

Once again Jesus stumbles and falls. Simon and others nearby help Jesus to his feet. They look in His eyes and feel His pain, but are amazed at his sense of peace.

Tenth Station: Jesus is stripped of His garments

Jesus does not flinch. We turn our eyes away from this shameful treatment. Jesus looks heavenward and bows His head to the will of His Father.

Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross

I wonder if those who nailed Jesus to the Cross dared to look into His eyes. If they had, they would have found forgiveness, for they knew not what they were doing.

Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies

Mary, John, the beloved disciple, Mary Magdalene, and a few other women are faithful to the end. Try to recall and reflect on the Seven Last Words Jesus uttered from the Cross. Look into His eyes and let your love explode.

Thirteenth Station: Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Mary gently closes the eyes of her dead son. Jesus had saied: It is accomplished. It is finished.” Then He bowed his head and died. Mary bows her head and ponders.

Fourteenth Station: The Body of Jesus is placed in the tomb

The tomb was provided by Joseph of Arimathea, a Pharisee and secret friend of Jesus. Mary, John, and a few of the other women accompanied the body to the tomb. After the Sabbath they would return to anoint the body. They rolled a great stone to the entrance of the tomb.

Brother Chapman’s presentation concludes with a Fifteenth Station, the rising of Jesus from the dead.

Alleluia, He has risen...    Brother Kenneth Chapman, CFC


Alleluia, He has risen... Brother Kenneth Chapman, CFC