Large Group Retreats

Social Justice Immersion/Integration Day

A retreat that provides participants with an opportunity to have contact with marginalized persons. Following their immersion, participants are involved in a process that helps them to integrate their experience.

Leadership Retreat

This is a retreat designed for Grade 10 students. It uses a peer ministry model and weaves together leadership, spirituality, and social and ecological justice.

Community Service Integration Day

A retreat designed for students who have completed their community service hours, its focus is to help students integrate their community service experience with their faith journey.

Retreats for Special Needs Students

This retreat provides an opportunity for special needs students to share an integrated peer ministry retreat experience with their classmates.

Jericho Grade Level Retreats

The Jericho Team offers retreats for students 12 – 18 years of age. Each grade level has its own theme. All are experientially and scripturally based. The Jericho Team ministers alongside peer ministers from the school and/or parish, so that a sense of local ownership and leadership is experienced.

Graduation Retreats

The Jericho Team’s graduation retreat, “Dreaming: Personal and Societal – Leadership Beyond”, is interactive, reflective, and facilitated within a scriptural, prayerful, and experiential context.

Confirmation Retreats

The Jericho Team offers a Confirmation Retreat experiences for young people preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation which are peer ministry led, community building experiences and focus on the giftedness of the participants. The Confirmation Retreat Program which prepares candidates for Confirmation through a number of events and sessions including: community building, social justice and ecological justice, reflection, Catholic catechesis.

Jericho Peer Ministry Retreat/Workshop

This day retreat is for students who are training to be retreat peer ministers. It incorporates themes appropriate to numerous grade levels and participants are given the opportunity to learn retreat strategies, experience team building and participation in actual retreat sessions.

Jericho House Catholic Graduation Experience

This is a three day retreat experience designed for Grade 8 graduates. It is an experience which ensures a memorable graduation trip within a Catholic context. The participants take part in activities that: incorporate indoor and outdoor venues enhance large group and small group bonding, and support personal and group faith development.